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Our Mission

Proud Advocates of Poetic License 


Reading Is Poetry, LLC is  dedicated to improving reading and writing comprehension, language skills, critical thinking, self-esteem and more importantly enhancing expression through verse. Through poetry workshops we help students of all ages learn the meaning and importance of words. We find many students will not read or write due to their poor spelling ability. The use of Poetic License allows the student to use abbreviation or phonetic spelling within poetry. This tool encourages students to write regardless of their ability to spell or reading level. 


Reading Is Poetry, LLC is focusing on being a catalyst for change in the Inner-city schools and for at-risk youth who normally could not afford these services. A Reading Is Poetry, LLC Workshop is designed to empower at-risk students to develop abilities to find conflict resolution, self-worth, collaboration and other skills to discover other options in handling difficult and challenging situations.



Our Staff

A. K. Toney


Kristi Toney

Operations Manager

At Reading Is Poetry we believe one should


"Read to write... Then write yr story".

About A. K. Toney
In a few words, A. K. Toney is a poet, writer and performance artist. For almost 20 years Toney has been an active member of the renowned cutting-edge African American arts enclave World Stage Performance Gallery’s Anansi Writer’s Workshop in Leimert Park Village (Los Angeles), Ca. As a member of the World Stage Toney had the honor to be mentored under the tutelage of Community leader and Jazz great Billy Higgins (founder of the World stage). Since 1993 Toney’s skills as a performance artist has lead him across the nation and abroad. His experience as a performance artist opened new doors. While studying through various workshops he was given the opportunity as a part of the Mellon/Pew Grant Series to lecture about Performance Art at the California Institute of the Arts. Empowered by teaching A. K. became a Literacy Coordinator in 2005 creating a literacy program called Reading Is Poetry. Toney has dedicated his life to teaching people how to express their truth through verse.
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